The team

Editor: Andrew Lee. Founder, editor and as often as not tea boy too, he is based at Leveller Towers, our mythical headquarters in Langport in the heart of Somerset. Responsible for comment pages and coverage of local politics and of course, editing the rest of the paper.





Ad Manager: Ruth White. What Ruth does not know about the world of advertising we could write on a postage stamp. An experienced ad manager with stints on national titles it is our good fortune that she decided to relocate to Somerset. Thank you Ruth! If you’d like help with advertising and to find out how our titles can expand your profile and reach, contact Ruth on




Financial Editor: Hattie Bowler. Ex city of London and now happy to share the rural lifestyle, but only through the internet. Hattie came up with the Somerset Index and the idea for the Langport and Somerton house price index but continues to report on financial matters for us from the safety of her concrete and tarmac clad surroundings. Labour didn’t do God, Hattie doesn’t do fields. But she does know an awful lot about money.


Columnist: Ancient Pistol. Fading rocker and a man who clearly deserves to be dead, Ancient has clearly been working out from the Keith Richard guide to looking young and having a clean skin. His hair, face and guitar hand are more or less fused together as the grip of intolerance allows him to proclaim against anything that was written after the 1970’s. King of the air guitar and occasionally known to hit one with strings, more often he misses. Is known to take an interest in reporting on policing matters.