Going up!

Newspapers have had declining circulations for a decade, right?


Not all of them. Our title, The Leveller®, has a circulation that has grown every month since we started publishing in October 2010. In just over 10 years to April 2020 the circulation rocketed up from 1,000 a month to over 10,000 a month.

But the weekly local papers are all falling right?

Yes nearly all of them.

It is because of the internet isn’t it?

Not really. Of course if you produce a paper with tabloid journalism, big headlines and pictures and soundbite articles…. well the internet does each of those things so much better.

Which is why we don’t do that. We produce longer, in-depth articles, material that people can read. We don’t believe that local people are stupid, we don’t feel we need to patronise them. We treat them with respect and give them material to read, debate and agree or disagree with.