There are lots of papers and magazines that compete for your business. But when it comes to promoting your business – quite simply The Leveller® offers you the best value

There is no point advertising in a magazine or newspaper with no content, just ads and flummery. However glossy it is, if there is nothing to read people then won’t read it.

Our papers are widely read and respected. People read our papers = your advert will be seen. The bottom line? The Leveller® is the largest circulation newspaper in Somerset.

To get a ratecard please contact: Ruth on or phone 07973 758728 

Advertisers and our papers: Whilst every care is taken to ensure accuracy, neither our papers nor their publishers can accept liability for loss, damage or omission caused by error in the printing of an advert. All artwork is accepted on the strict condition that permission has been given for its use in this publication. Adverts are accepted on the strict understanding that descriptions of goods and services are both fair and accurate. The Leveller® accepts adverts in good faith and cannot be held liable for miss-selling or inaccurate descriptions made by our advertisers.