MP listens to business concerns in Brean

Last year The Leveller reported on the concerns of business owners in Brean after Hinkley C housed site workers in the Pontons holiday village. The business owners we spoke to were concerned about the impact on their businesses. They feared that Hinkley workers would not spend money locally in the way that holiday makers did.

Today Burnham-on-Sea MP James Heappey joined Ashley Fox, the new Parliamentary Candidate for the seat of Bridgwater, at Brean. They hosted a meeting with business owners in and around Brean to discuss several issues. The concerns around the use of the Pontins site in Brean for Hinkley Point workers was the main talking points. Mr Heappey says he has opposed this for the past year.

Mr Heappey said he had pressed for relevant members of the council to visit the village. He wanted them to meet local business owners. He added that he had written to the council to voice his concerns. However as the use of the site to house construction workers was a matter between Hinkley C and Pontins, it was not clear what councillors were expected to do.

Some sort of government funding to help local businesses might be welcome. Especially as the loss of income was the result of a major government funded (in part) infrastructure project. But that would be something Mr Heappey would have to lobby for.

That said Mr Heappey did not explain what action he was able to take or what action he expected the councillors to take. He simply added: “They deserve better than the executive members of our council hiding from meeting them and refusing to be clear on their policy position.”

Ashley Fox added: “I was pleased to be briefed on the situation. The Council’s behaviour in ignoring the needs of local businesses is disgraceful. I will continue to work with James Heappey for better communication and resolution of the problems that Brean faces.”

The two Somerset Councillors who represent Brean are the Conservatives Bob Filmer and Tony Grimes.

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