False alarm at Milford Infants School

Concern was raised for pupils at Milford Infants School today, by local MP Marcus Fysh. The MP for Yeovil posted on social media that the school would face significant disruption. Not the sort of message parents, carers and students want to hear with a new term due to start next week. Mr Fysh said he had spoken to education ministers and had learned that the state of the concrete used in the building posed a significant risk.

The MP went on to say he would speak to the CEO of Huish Academy Trust. Milford is on the north side of Yeovil but according to the MP is part of the Huish Academy Multi Academy Trust. The MP stated that his aim was to ensure disruption was kept to a minimum.

He added that he was sorry for the disruption that would be caused and that his heart went out to the children. He offered to stand ready to help in any way he could, especially those children with Special Educational Needs.

With the new term now on the horizon the message was alarming for parents. Large numbers tried to get in touch with the school to find out what was going on. Specifically, why were they only being told about a problem at the last minute. However having seen the social media posting the school promptly put out a message of their own.

It appears to completely contradict the warning from the MP.

“Dear Parents and Carers,

With regard to the incorrect post that has been made on social media, we would like to assure you that Milford Infants’ School will not be closed and we are looking forward to welcoming our families back to school as planned on Tuesday 5th September.

We have been assured by the Local Authority that the school is safe and they will be providing a statement in response as soon as possible.”

Subsequently the MP changed his original post. He now says there is no issue with the concrete and no risk of the school not opening on time.

Meanwhile The Leveller checked with Somerset Council and they have assured us there is not a problem with the concrete. The school is considered safe and will open on schedule for the Autumn Term next week.


  • Christopher Noble

    Hmmm, what is going on? There is an issue with currently 156 schools in England over this aerated concrete but the government has not published of those schools at risk. However quite why the local MP acted as he did is certainly worrying.

  • At least Marcus Fysh gives a damn….better than a lot of them

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