RMT offers solution to rail strike

Rail union, RMT has written to the employers organisation, the Rail Delivery Group this morning. The Union has offered a “road map” to reach a settlement to the long running national dispute. 20,000 RMT railway workers working for 14 train operators are on strike today and on September 2. 

In the letter, Mick Lynch, RMT general secretary, outlines a series of stage s to resolve the dispute. These are:

•A 1-year pay proposal for all companies covering the year 2022-2023, with an underpin, backdated to the relevant anniversary dates in 2022. 

•A guarantee of no compulsory redundancies.  

•An undertaking that discussions with RMT within the companies, including formal consultations and negotiations, will be deferred until the outcome and determination from the ticket office closures consultation has been provided by the Government and, in any case, that these discussions will not commence before 1st December 2023.

• A commitment that in the interim, ahead of 1stDecember 2023, each Train Operating Company will provide to the RMT in writing, their full agenda, and details of “Workforce Reform” proposals for all functions and grades that they are seeking to apply within their organisations. 

• A commitment that the existing collective bargaining structures and processes in each company will be respected and adhered to in full including consultation and negotiation as appropriate to the matters in scope and, if necessary, use of Avoidance of Dispute processes. 

• A commitment that pay negotiations for the year 2023–2024 will commence from 1st December 2023. 

The RMT says the suggested programme will bring clarity and allow the change agenda demanded by the RDG. However the letter hints that initial reaction from both the government and the RDG has not been encouraging.

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