LibDems win in Castle Cary

The result of yesterday’s by election for the Castle Cary seat on Somerset Council has just been confirmed. The result was as follows:

  • Kevin Messenger (Liberal Democrat) 1,247 (elected)
  • David Hall (Conservative) 614
  • Ewan Jones (Green Party) 415

When Somerset Council was formed, it was set up with 110 councillors. Because the old County Council had 55 divisions( constituencies) each one was given two seats.

In Castle Cary Henry Hobhouse (LibDem) and Mike Lewis (Cons) were elected. The by election was caused by the recent death of Cllr Mike Lewis.

The result today then represents a LibDem gain from the Conservatives. This increases their total councillors on Somerset Council to 62 and their majority to 14.Ā 

One comment

  • For many years, I have taken the view that local politics should be just that, local.
    Yes, I voted for Mike Lewis last time around – he was a Conservative, but more importantly he was local and proud of it. If I knew that David Hall is local (is he?) I could well have voted for him.
    Well done Kevin Messenger for getting elected.

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