Investigation into Somerton & Frome MP withdrawn

The Former MP for Somerton & Frome is no longer under investigation. This follows the decision by an Appeal Panel that the initial investigation into him was flawed. You can red more about that here:

The Appeal Panel ordered a new investigation. However the Claimant then withdrew from a process that would have seen evidence not allowed at the first investigation, being accepted and reviewed in detail.

TheĀ Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS) then faced a dilemma. With the Claimant withdrawing, could they follow the Appeal Panel’s instruction? To make matters worse, this is treading new ground. It hasn’t been done before.

Initially the ICGS confirmed their written regulations stated that they had to proceed.

After further internal discussion the ICGS decided they could not proceed without a Claimant after all.

That leaves Mr Warburton in limbo. Of three cases against him, one is closed, one dismissed and this third, now withdrawn,

When we spoke to the former MP earlier today, he was not happy. He believes he has had his reputation dragged through the mud (and the press). He told us he was taking legal advice. He is investigating if he can force the ICGS to either declare his innocence or investigate.


  • Graham Livings

    “Magnanimity in politics is not seldom the truest wisdom; and a great empire and little minds go ill together”!

    Graham E Livings

  • Isn’t it still an incontrovertible fact that David WARBURTON, whilst a serving MP, was pictured snorting an illegal Class A drug (cocaine)?

    The distribution and selling of illegal Class A drugs, by well off middle class users, underpins the County lines trade, exploiting both young and vulnerable people.

    Last time I looked Somerset is a County and in our towns we do have County lines drug dealing.

    Surely, enough for resignation as an elected MP making the laws of the land?

  • Sorry but have I missed something? Didn’t he admit on TV to doing cocaine?
    That’s good enough for me that he should go, and stop bleating on about things being unfair.

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