Warburton appeal upheld

An initial finding on the second of two cases against David Warburton, has been overturned on appeal. The former MP for Somerton & Frome has since resigned and there is currently a by-election in progress to choose his successor.

The first case found in Mr Warburton’s favour. In the second case, the Appeals Panel has revealed, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards upheld three allegations of sexual misconduct. The proceedings had up until today been held entirely in secret and without press or public scrutiny. We only know these details because of the report of the Appeal Panel. No reports on the case have been published by the Commissioner.

However the Appeals Panel today agreed with Mr Warburton that:

  •  the investigation was materially flawed in ways that affected the Commissioner’s decision,
  • and that his decision was procedurally flawed.

The Panel made no findings on the substance of the complaint against Mr Warburton. Nor on his claim that it was fabricated. Those remain open questions for the new investigation. The Panel has not published the sub-panel’s full decision in order to avoid prejudicing the new investigation.

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