Conservatives stand aside in Chard too

Somerset Council have still not published the list of candidates for Combe Ward in Chard. Nominations closed at 4.30 on 30 June.

However The Leveller understands the Conservatives have followed the Greens in standing their candidate down.

Both parties are backing down leaving the field open for local independent candidate Craig Hussey to take on the LibDems. The by-election was caused by the resignation of Green a party councillor Jason Hawkes who is moving away from the area.

A statement from the local Conservative Party explains: “The Conservative Party strongly believes in fair, transparent, and honest representation.

Recently, we have seen some poor behaviours by the Liberal Democrat group that have fallen short of the standards we would expect to see.

As there are no Conservative candidates in the upcoming by-election, and given recent events at Chard Town Council, we as individuals would advise residents not to vote for the Liberal Democrats.”

On 3 July the nominations were confirmed for the by election. They are:

  • Patricia O’Brien – LibDems
  • Craig Hussey – Independent

The by election will take place on Thursday 27 July from 7am to 10pm

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  • Its not easy to find people willing to join a council that has been in the news for its bullying culture!

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