Somerton & Frome candidates

The nominations are now closed for the by-election for Somerton and Frome constituency on 20 July. The full list of candidates is as follows:

  •  Lorna Corke (Christian Peoples Alliance);
  • Martin Dimery (Green);
  • Sarah Dyke (Liberal Democrat);
  • Bruce Evans (Reform UK);
  • Neil Guild (Labour);
  • Rosie Mitchell (Independent);
  • Faye Purbrick (Conservative);
  • Peter Richardson (UK Independence Party).


  • Following removing Wincantons regeneration budget losing us over £5 million desperately needed to kickstart the local economy Sarah Dyke has a cheek putting her name forward having already directly damaged the constituency.

  • It’s official: despite being in the Lib Dem Cabinet on the Somerset Council, Sarah Dyke, the Lib Dem Lead on the Environment, couldn’t think of anything relevant to say about the Ward she wants to stand for. This interview with The Guardian is a must see before you make the rash decision to vote for her.

  • Sarah Dyke comes across as being completely out of her depth in the tame John Harris interview with the Guardian, despite being 1-4 on to win the seat.

  • It’s hard to tell in that interview because she mumbles, but did she say the problem was she hadn’t had any ‘stimulants’ since breakfast?

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