Chard – who it isn’t

Following last week’s Chard Town Council meeting we have been doing more work on the Rolley Report. The report by Chris Rolley looked into bullying and aggressive behaviour at Chard Town Council. The report identified three individuals as being primarily responsible.

The hope expressed in the report, was that councillors would accept that this behaviour needed to change. A number of recommendations were laid out to move the council forward. Unfortunately to date only a couple have been implemented.

Worse, The Leveller is aware of two new complaints against one of the three councillors. Suggesting that the behaviour identified by Mr Rolley is unlikely to change. It increasingly appears that only resignations will enable the town council to move forward.

Townsfolk have been urged to use the ballot box to change things. Hardly a practical situation as the three councillors remain unnamed. However we know, following the last Chard Town Council, that they know who they are. The Mayor, Cllr Gary Shortland reported to the meeting that he had approached Mr Rolley who gave him the names. Cllr Shortland in turn divulged to the three councillors that they were named in the report.

With that in mind we have been doing our own work to identify the three councillors. Whereas we cannot (yet) publish the names we have identified a number of councillors who are definitely not implicated as bullies by the Rolley Report. There are fifteen town councillors for Chard.

The following have not been implicated in the Rolley Report:

  • Gary Shortland
  • Claire Brown
  • Victoria Bate
  • Claire Richter
  • Dave Bulmer
  • Tim Eggins
  • Natasha Watson
  • Jason Hawkes (Cllr Hawkes has since resigned as he is moving out of the area)
  • Banah Croo
  • Andrew Grief-Page

Any councillor who wishes to get in touch and confirm that they have not been contacted by Cllr Shortland to confirm that they are one of the three councillors, is welcome to do so. You can use the contact form on this website:

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