Stray lovebird rescued in Norton Sub Hamdon

The RSPCA is looking after a stray lovebird after she was found loose in a garden in Norton sub Hamdon. The colourful lovebird is a member of the parrot family. The bird was so friendly that the surprised householder was able to catch her.

She was taken her to a local vet, who then contacted the RSPCA for help. RSPCA animal rescue officer Dean Wilkins said: “She is lovely and friendly, and we’re sure there’s someone out there who’s missing their beloved pet. I have taken her to our West Hatch animal centre near Taunton where she is being well looked after. The team there has named her “Tequila Sunrise” as she’s so colourful!”

Unfortunately Tequila Sunrise has no IT chip or tag so the RSPCA are unable to trace an owner. Dean Wilkins again: “We were hoping that her owner might be found but unfortunately, this lovebird was not microchipped so we have been unable to trace them. And despite putting up posters locally and posting on a lost and found site, no-one has come forward. So Tequila Sunrise will now be put up for adoption and hopefully someone will soon offer her a forever home.”

Anyone interested in rehoming a rescued bird from the RSPCA can visit 

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