Yeovil College downgraded by Ofsted

The latest Ofsted report for Yeovil College has been published. The College, which was graded “Good”at the last two full inspections, has been downgraded to “Requires Improvement”.

The College had around 1800 learners aged 16 to 18, 1740 adult learners, and 980 apprentices.

Inspectors did suggest that most learners had a good experience.

However they criticised the College for not giving timely information to governors. They also suggested the College needed to do better for high needs learners.

Other comments included the variable quality of education. Leaders are good at producing plans, not so good at holding staff accountable to them.

The College was also told it needed to do better with ensuring that all learners “have a secure knowledge of the signs and dangers associated with radicalisation.”

On the plus side teachers are praised for their substantial specialist knowledge and for the way in which they deploy it. They use assessment effectively to check the new knowledge and skills that learners develop.

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