Progress made at Huish Academy say inspectors

Ofsted today published the results of a Monitoring Visit to Huish Episcopi Academy. The visit follows an Inadequate grading of the school in January 2023 which saw it put into special measures. The current visit of just two days took place on 25 and 26 April.

The words of the report sound harsh on the face of it. The Inadequate rating remains and the school is to remain in special measures. Additionally the Ofsted Inspector notes that no “early career” teachers should be recruited.

If all that sounds worrying, it is in part to be expected following such a negative report published just four and a half months earlier.

There was also a lot of positive commentary on the progress the leadership team at the school have made. Importantly, the Inspector notes that safeguarding had been a concern. Now he notes “as a result of improvements made by leaders, safeguarding is now effective.”

While significant improvements are acknowledged the Inspector notes they are “still in their infancy”. Again this is to be expected for this stage of a turn around project.


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