Cabinet reshuffle at Somerset Council

We are just one year in to the life of the new Somerset Council. Inevitably the progress of bringing all the councils together and bedding it all in is not going to be quick. So now a series of changes have been announced to the executive team. At yesterday’s (24 May) Full Council meeting the changes were confirmed.

Most of the Executive roles remain unchanged. Bill Revans remains Leader of the Council with Liz Leyshon as his Deputy. However there are some changes too. Somerton’s Cllr Dean Ruddle is promoted to be Lead Member for Social Care in place of Heather Shearer. The Local Government Reorganisation portfolio previously run by Val Keitch is abolished, its work largely done.

In its place a new role is created for a lead Member for Transformation and HR. That will be taken by Wells Cllr Theo Butt Phillip.

Then there are a couple of changes in the scope of portfolios. So for instance Cllr Francesca Smith-Roberts was previously Lead Member for Communities. Now she is to be Lead Member for Communities, Housing and Culture.

Similarly Cllr Ros Wyke was previously Lead Member for Development and Assets. She retains that role but it is now enlarged to be Lead Member for Economy Planning and Assets.

All the other main Executive posts and portfolios remain unchanged.

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