Third Frome bank to close

Yesterday (23 May) the removal men were taking the furniture and fittings out of the Frome branch of Nat West. It’s an odd site watching removal men taking the safe out…. The branch closed on 11 May. HSBC directly opposite Nat West, will close next month.

Losing two bank branches in a month is not good news for any community, especially a town the size of Frome.

Yesterday however Barclays confirmed that they too will be closing their Frome branch at the bottom of Stony Street. The branch will close on Wednesday 23 August at 12 noon. They’ll also be removing their cashpoint too.

A letter to customers which, without any trace of irony, contained a paragraph headed “supporting you and your community.” Barclays say they will provide some support and that they’ll still be part of the community in Frome.

They also say they cannot yet confirm what form that support will take. For instance in Wells it is a mobile banking service with a member of staff. However the service doesn’t handle cash.

Barclays insist they will consult with customers, the local MP (David Warburton), councillors and members of the business community before finalising any new service.

Barclays also offer a branchfinder service:

However having shut branches in Wells, Warminster and Street in recent years, you can rest assured it will not be close. The only bank (as opposed to building society) left in the town from August will be the TSB branch on Cheap Street. Perhaps residents and businesses should consider moving to TSB to ensure that does not close in due course too?

You can find a more detailed article on banking in Somerset in general in the 15 May edition of The Leveller (on p8).

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  • If everyone did an effective vote by taking away their business from any bank closing it’s local branch, moving their business to a bank remaining open, in this case TSB, which are worthy of the extra business that would eventually send a clear message to other banks thinking of shutting branches

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