Langport strikes again

Last nights meeting of Langport Town Council was not, perhaps, the most riveting.

A long agenda, the annual election of chair, vice chair, committees etc.

There was barely any time for more routine business.

But there was just enough for the council to resolve that Cllr Ian McNab should act. He should write to the Somerset Bus Partnership. He should express the approval of Langport Town Council for them to lobby government.

Why? To ensure funding to support a maximum bus fare of £2 across our nation is extended beyond 30 June. This is when the current funding runs out.

The shake of a butterfly’s wings!

Did it really take just four hours for the news of Langport Town Council’s instruction to Cllr McNab to reach the hallowed halls of Westminster?

For shortly after midnight the government was moved to act. A hasty statement was rushed out. No doubt this was preferable to confronting Cllr McNab and the doyens of the Somerset Bus Partnership they capitulated forthwith? Could there be any other explanation?

Government has announced that the £2 maximum fare will be extended until 31 October. Further that a £2.50 maximum fare will then be carried over until October 2024.

Welcome news! No doubt bottles of Smith & Evans finest will be cracked open this lunchtime in celebration.

We trust that other parts of the country who will benefit are suitably grateful to Langport Town Council for their decisive action.


  • Is there any actual evidence to support this claim?
    It is entirely likeky that the £2 fare was already under review, that the decision had not already been made or that others might have already successfully lobbied for this decision?

  • Oops – please ignore the “not” so post reads “that the decision had already been made”.

  • Sean Dromgoole

    Ignore McNabb at your peril…

  • BLTs from a doubledecker bus at Glastonbury to Bus hound on the scent of money in Westminster .Excellent

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