Fysh finally approved

Last week we reproted that Marcus Fysh would face a ballot of Yeovil Conservative constituency members. This follows a decision by the constituency executive not to adopt him as their candidate.

The members proved more forgiving. Although the turnout was only a shade above 200, two thirds of them voted for Mr Fysh.

He will now go forward as the Conservative candidate for Yeovil at the next General Election. Responding to the ballot, which was condiucted by Conservative Central Office, Mr Fysh said “Delighted to have been readopted as Conservative candidate to fight and win the next General Election for the people of the Yeovil constituency. Can’t wait for the hustings.”


  • “Can’t wait for the hustings!”. Will he show up? Warburton never did.

  • Disappointed to say the least!!
    I had dealings with David Laws, brilliant MP very helpful, communicative and nothing too much trouble,
    Marcus Fysh is a total waste of space I wouldn’t waste effort even trying to communicate with him,

  • I have asked Fysh twice whether he would sign the Early Day Motion on intimidation at community town and parish councils…a motion which calls on the Gov to take notice of the Committee on Standards in Public Life report and introduce its recommendation of sanctions such as suspension for poorly behaving councillors. I have had NO REPLY, and as of April 25th 2023 he is not listed as signing. David Warburton is. The Leveller highlighted the negligent view of the Gov that the public will hand out punishment when the offenders stand for re-election…as though all the bad behaviour would be known to the public, and as if they should be the only arbiters. The Leveller has highlighted the real problems poor behaviour at this level of local government has created in Fysh’s own constituency. The Committee on Standards in Public Life has pointed out how problems are on the increase, and councillors and staff are leaving in increasing numbers, and it is harder to recruit. Of course bullies will not mind this.

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