SWR timetable changes

SWR is to make some minor changes to its timetable during May. The rail company operates the service from Exeter to Waterloo stopping at Crewkerne, Yeovil Junction and Templecombe. The service is also co-ordinated with GWR services from Westbury through to Weymouth via Frome, Bruton and Yeovil Penn Mill.

SWR claims that passenger levels are operating at 78% of pre pandemic levels. It is not cutting services per se, but “continuing to match capacity with demand.” The majority of changes proposed will not effect travellers in Somerset.

There is only one change to the new timetable for Somerset travellers to note. But it is going to add inconvenience to rail users heading to Yeovil Junction. The 11.37 Basingstoke service to Yeovil Junction via Westbury and Bruton will now terminate at Salisbury.

A new service, the 1251 will be introduced from Salisbury-Yeovil Junction via Westbury, Frome and Bruton. It may be convenient for SWR, but it leaves passengers for Yeovil stranded at Saliabury for an hour and quarter.

For now no further changes are being contemplated. But if passenger numbers do not rise, more may follow.

The new timetable which will operate from Monday 22 May 2023. 


  • Rather a moot point as every time we go to see our daughter in Clapham (from YJ) there’s inevitably a problem that ends up with us having to go via Basingstoke – or to Waterloo then back to Clapham Junction. Or then a replacement bus service at some point on the route. The temptation now is to go GWR from Cary.
    Utter farce.

  • Both services operated by First Group.

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