Chard bullying report – where did it go?

As regular readers will know, last week we published the contents of the Rolley Report into bullying at Chard Town Council. We were entirely within our rights to do so. The information was obtained through legitmate means. It was overwhelmingly within the public interest. The report we produced from it was factual and helped expose some very serious failings by a small number of Chard Town Councillors.

Yesterday we were approached by Chard Town Council and asked to remove the article. The approach was from council staff following the release of the report with redactions that were not secure.

It is our view that what the Rolley Report has exposed is a serious case of bullying by three town councillors. The abuses outlined in the report must have made working conditions for staff at the Chard Guildhall close to intolerable.

Given those circumstances and following contact from Chard Town Council, we have no wish to add to the burden. Having read the Rolley Report, the probability that staff will be treated fairly and without recrimination, seems to us to be doubtful. Accordingly we have decided to withdraw the article.

We take this action not because we should and not because we have to. But simply out of concern for the wellbeing of staff at Chard Town Council.


  • Not convinced that is the correct line to take. I would strongly suggest that this is pushed out to the MSM. I have my own copy of the un-redacted report. Very simple to view using Word.

  • I would like to know whether it was the majority council that asked for the survey to me withdrawn or just one or all of the serial bullies harassing council employees and members of the public for a decade. The ones who buried two earlier reports that the council brushed under the carpet.
    I think are being limp in withdrawing it….or maybe they have been bullied into withdrawing it?? Anyone know any bullies in the community?

  • The Lib Dems appear to have thrown their mayor over the side to try to kill the bad smell that won’t go away.

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