Yeovil MP “Readoption Not Granted”

On Wednesday we reported a curious series of “tweets” by Marcus Fysh. Mr Fysh is the sitting MP for Yeovil.

The “tweets” were unusual in that Mr Fysh said he wanted to go to constituency party members to gain their approval to stand at the next General Election.

We noted that this was odd. Why? Because at no point did Mr Fysh mention the constituency party executive.

This is the group that usually adopts candidates for a constituency. Albeit the final decision is left to party members.

Mr Fysh noted at the time he had gone straight to party members because of boundary changes to the constituency.

This too was odd as there have been hardly any.

Today we have a different view of the circumstances. Also from Twitter. The Yeovil Conservatives have posted a brief “tweet” noting their 17 March meeting. Of Mr Fysh they say “re-adoption was not granted.

Something Mr Fysh might have mentioned when sending out his own messages on Twitter. It seems from this vantage point to be quite a big omission.

Will party members be more forgiving? The Yeovil Conservatives official Twitter account says only: “Marcus Fysh has decided to exercise his right to engage with local Party members in a ballot for re-selection.” Not a ringing endorsement from the Constituency Party Executive?

What happens next? Mr Fysh goes to the constituency members and invites them to vote to reinstate him as their MP. Should the members not re-instate him, then a candidate selection process starts. Even then Mr Fysh has the right to be on the shortlist for consideration.

And they’ll need to get on with things as it is only around 18 months until a General Election has to be called.


  • Yeovil never see him what good is that bring back paddy I say

  • The Yeovil Constituency would be better off without our unresponsive MP. Write to Fysh on any matter remotely critical of either himself and the government he supports and you’ll be lucky to get a reply. If you get one at all it won’t be within the 10 days he pretends and he’ll ignore your points, distorting or completely ignoring the facts. He’s a waste of time.

  • Man is a total waste of space. Second highest expenses claim of any MP. Doesn’t respond to anything critical of him or the Tory party and does next to nothing for his constituents, sooner he’s gone the better.

  • Why would anyone in Yeovil vote for him , he has been like a MP hidden in the shadows , never heard or seen. What has he ever done for this Town?.

  • Its what one may expect from a bottom feeder when the bottom has fallen out of the barrel

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