Chard Town Council update

Since we published our last article on the report into bullying at Chard Town Council, we have some good news. The redaction process undertaken by the council to hide sections relating to specifics, has failed. As a result we have obtained the full text of the missing sections.

This report is of overwhelming public interest. It should have been published in full in the first place. In the public interest it is therefore our intention to publish in full the redacted sections of the report in due course.

It is of the utmost importance that residents and taxpayers of Chard know the full extent of a report that they have paid for.


  • Chard Town Council [I’m in Langport] Doesn’t appear to affect me personally however I think the Leveller should be congratulated for its incisive and tenacious pursuit of this matter. Journalism at its best IMO

  • Publish and be damned, Andrew in the best traditions of investigative reporting.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant….

  • The guilty people really should resign right now.

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