RMT reject pay offers

The RMT Union has rejected the latest offers from both Network Rail and the train operating companies. Following a wide ranging and in-depth consultation members, the NEC decided to reject both offers. They say that they do not meet members expectations on pay, job security or working conditions.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: “We have carried out an in-depth consultation of our 40,000 members and the message we have received loud and clear is to reject these dreadful offers. Our members cannot accept the ripping up of their terms and conditions or to have safety standards on the railway put into jeopardy under the guise of so-called modernisation. If our union did accept these offers, we would see a severe reduction in scheduled maintenance tasks, making the railways less safe, the closure of all ticket offices and thousands of jobs stripped out of the industry when the railways need more investment not less. We have carried out an extensive listening exercise and our members have spoken.”

The union has also made it clear that it is seeking:

  • an unconditional pay offer,
  • a job security agreement and
  • no detrimental changes being imposed on members terms, conditions and working practices.

The RMT says it will now seek further meetings with Network Rail and the Rail Delivery Group. They are hopeful of working towards a negotiated settlement. In the meantime industrial action is expected to continue. This is likely to mean further train strikes will be called.

One comment

  • Striking took us from a 10hr Day, 6 Days a Week, no Sick or Holiday Pay, plus No Company Pension and a life expectancy of 47, to a 37.5hr 5 Day Week, Sick and Holiday Pay, Plus Company Pension and a Life Expectancy of around 80. Since Thatcher’s Anti Union Laws the list of thing we fought for are declining rapidly and with the present Government creating strikes like they did in the 70s, they are turning us into a Low Wage Economy and reducing all the Benefits our Unions fought for, only to make more profits for the wealthy.

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