6% increase in precept for the Police in Avon & Somerset

Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford confirmed an increase in the policing part of the council tax. This is known as the precept. Somerset will see an increase of 6% for in the part of the precept given to pay for the Police. The increase will raise an additional £8.8 million. This extra funding will help manage and reduce the impact of Avon and Somerset Police’s funding gap. Nevertheless it will still leave a projected deficit of £3.4million in the year 2023/24.

After a robust exchange of views, the proposal was supported by the Police and Crime Panel on Wednesday 1 February. He explained: “This is not an easy decision to make. We understand how difficult things are given the cost of living crisis. Ultimately I made this decision with people’s safety in mind.

The budget for policing in Avon & Somerset was £348m for 2022/23. That includes £380m spending offset by £31m in income. Much of this is from speeding fines and speeding courses. There is extra income to police Hinkley C and there is also money from Government to support an increase in officers.

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  • I wonder how much extra funding Avon & Somerset Police would get if the PCC role and office was disbanded? I’m yet to be convinced that these Police and Crime Commissioners represent value for taxpayers’ money.

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