Hinkley consultation starts today

On the 10 January, we published an exclusive piece about plans for Hinkley C to avoid using an Acoustic Fish Deterrent system. The original plans for the new power station, granted in 2013, included an AFD system. You can read the background to the issue here: https://leveller.live/2023/01/10/hinkley-c-and-the-fish-deterrent/

Today the Environment Agency has launched its consultation. This is your chance to give your views. Hinkley C are seeking permission to have no AFDs on the grounds they believe it to be unnecessary. This is the first stage of a process that will ultimately require new planning permission. It will also require new permissions from the Marine Management Organisation.

You have until 21 February to submit your views and reasons for them. You can use the link here to the EA consultation: https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/psc/ta5-1ud-nnb-generation-company-hpc-limited-v005

Alternatively you can email your views to psc-waterquality@environment-agency.gov.uk


  • How will this affect Elvers who travel thousands of miles to the river parrot,

  • francesca rinaldi

    We need to do all we can to protect fish and the delicate eco systems given the climate emergency. This means that Hinckley needs to implement a fish deterrent system without reserve.
    This is for the protection of fish but also all our lives and children’s futures.

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