Treacherous conditions on Somerset roads

Avon & Somerset Police are asking the public in Somerset to avoid travelling by road if possible. Following a large amount of rainfall over the past few weeks, dropping temperatures have resulted in roads across the force area becoming icy. A total of 53 road traffic collisions were reported to police between 6-11pm yesterday evening (Monday 16 January). Seven of these incidents were reported to have resulted in injuries, however, they are not thought to be serious.

Most resulted from road conditions caused by ice and the freezing weather.

Supt Mark Runacres said: “We are advising the public to only travel where absolutely essential due to the treacherous driving conditions.Ā  If travel is necessary, we ask the public to take extreme caution and allow additional time to travel.”

If you do need to travel, Police are advising drivers to consider the following:

  • Do you have enough fuel to reach your destination if there are long travel delays?
  • Have you checked your oil, coolant and screen wash?
  • Have you checked your tyre tread depth and air pressure?
  • Are you wiper blades able to keep your windscreen clear?
  • Are all of your lights and indicators working (including your fog light)?

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