MP calls for investigation into major incident

This morning a double decker bus carrying 70 Hinkley C workers overturned while descending Sandford Hill. The accident was just west of Bridgwater on the A39 and happened at around 6.00am this morning (17 January). The incident also involved a motorcyclist. Police declared a major emergency and closed the road while work went on to free the passengers. Thankfully in the event most escaped unscathed. However three passengers have suffered significant injuries.

Avon & Somerset Police and the air ambulance attended the crash. The road is currently closed to help emergency workers at the scene.

Mr Liddell-Grainger, MP for Bridgwater and West Somerset said the toll could have been considerably higher. He told us “Obviously it was a terrifying experience for everyone on that bus and my thoughts are with them and their families.

he added that there now must be a thorough investigation: “we absolutely most get to the bottom of why this crash occurred. Because EDF is very conscious of the need to maintain the highest safety standards for the protection of their workers – and that concern naturally extends to those periods when they are being transferred to and from the site.”

Update at 4.30 17 January:

As of 3pm today, 27 patients were treated at the Minor Injuries Unit in Bridgwater and a further 26 were treated at the Emergency Department at Musgrove Park Hospital for injuries consistent with a serious traffic collision. A small number require surgery and some have been admitted to inpatient wards.  

A further three patients were taken to Southmead Hospital, Bristol, where they received treatment, but none have needed to be admitted to hospital.


  • For some reason, that bit of road between Bridgwater and Cannington seems to elicit some very risky driving; out of the speed restrictions, people accelerate along there recklessly without displaying much situational awareness. I’m not suggesting that’s what happened today – I wish all those involved well (but in my reading, it’s not sounding good).

  • No need to investigate further than find out why highways/farmer have never resolved the problem of water running off the field and down the hill. Stop that road wouldn’t ice up!!!

    • I agree. Why has the standing water issue not been sorted. There was plenty of warning about freezing conditions this week from the weather forecasters. Hubby and I commented yesterday thay there would be a nasty accident there as the temps were due to plummet last night. Well hey ho its happened. Get of your backside and do the job you are being paid for Highways.

  • I think the county council have a lot of questions to answer, on telly tonight they said they couldn’t have done anything about the flooding on to the road, that section of road has flooded for years, yet the main Highway to one of largest construction sites in Europe is left to flood, and they where on the way to lay more salt down as programmed after 06.00, what time of day are most of the Hinckley workers going to work? Surely an hour earlier and allow the grit/salt to take effect-some plan.

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