Yeovil refresh needs another £2m

South Somerset District Council is firefighting to bring the Yeovil Refresh project to completion. The latest assessment discussed by the District Executive meeting catalogues a list of over runs. Some relating to inflation, some to failures to spot snags in time, some relating to the insolvency of Midas.

The project was originally budgeted to cost £10.3m for public realm works and a total of £21.8m. Now the District Executive have approved a request for the budget to rise to £12m for public realm works and a total of £24.1m.

The projected cost overruns actually total £4m when each area is costed separately. More than half of the cost over run is associated with the work still to be done at the Triangle and along Wine Street.

But the council believe they can manage to reduce the overall costs by moving money around. A large part of the solution is connected with planned cycleway improvements. These were due to cost around £1.2m. However SSDC has now managed to get grant funding to pay for most of this work.

There’ll be a full report in the February edition of the Leveller.


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