Homeless man sentenced for Taunton burglaries

James Northcott-Brewer, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to six counts of trespassing and burglary. The 20 year old was sentenced at Taunton Magistrates’ Court on Monday 21 November.

The first four charges relate to offences committed in Taunton town centre. The incidents took place between Wednesday 14 September and Thursday 6 October. The court heard how the defendant went on a burglary spree starting in September. He broke into The Victoria Gate, in East Reach, and stole an unknown value of alcohol and cash

On Wednesday 21 September, Northcott-Brewer then broke into a home in East Reach. On Monday 3 October, the defendant then broke into Mambo, in Mill Lane. This time he made off with £2,000-worth of alcohol.

He committed a further two non-dwelling burglaries on Friday 28 October while on bail. Then court heard how the defendant trespassed in Pitcher and Piano, in Taunton. Here he stole £75 worth of alcohol. He later entered KFC in Taunton with the intent to steal.

Northcott-Brewer was handed an eight-month sentence suspended for two years. If Northcott-Brewer offends during this time, his sentence will be activated and he will be sent to prison.

He was also ordered to pay £494.45 in compensation to one of the victims and received a rehabilitation order.



  • Seriously?
    1. If he’s homeless and doesn’t have the money to buy alcohol (so steals it), then how is he going to pay back near on £500
    2. If he’s got 2 braincells then re-offend this week and see out the winter in the warm and dry, with a bed and food thrown in for good measure.

  • No punishment there then or deterrence of others to do the same.

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