Yeovil fans say they need answers

Yeovil Town fans have written an open letter to the club’s owner and Chairman Mr Scott Priestnall. The letter which is signed on behalf of The Glover’s Trust, Ciderspace, The Green Army and Gloverscast is reproduced below:

Dear Mr Priestnall

As supporters of Yeovil Town FC, we have become increasingly concerned about the state of our club under your ownership.

We have seen our ground and the land that surrounds it sold to South Somerset District Council with no obvious plan on how to buy it back, whilst at the time of writing our team languish just outside the relegation zone.

Moreover, we are worried that matters could get worse. The proposed development of the land around the ground potentially threatens the very existence of our club.

We now write to you to ask that you urgently provide clarity in respect of the following;

  1. Please provide a breakdown of how the money raised by the sale to South Somerset DC has been spent/ allocated.
  2. You have informed us that architects have been engaged to draw up plans for the land around the ground, and that supporters will be consulted.  We call upon you to start this process immediately and to share the initial plans with supporters and local residents. 
  3. You have also said that the development of land previously owned by the holding company will benefit the club and provide a revenue stream.  Could you now please set out your vision for how this will be achieved and give a firm commitment to this process.
  4. You have made a public commitment to holding an open meeting with fans, we ask now that you set a date as soon as possible for that meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you

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