Taunton Academy “Requires Improvement”

An Ofsted school inspection has rated Taunton Academy as “Requires Improvement”. This was, according to Ofsted, their first inspection of the school since 2018. The inspection took place in September but the report was issued today. Ofsted rated the Academy as Require Improvement in all sections except for personal development of pupils for which it was rated “Good”.

The school was told that safeguarding arrangements were effective and pupils know what to do if they have concerns. The Academy was also praised for making pupil well being a priority. The new team including a new head are also praised, but the inspectors note that planned improvements are still at an early stage.

On the downside, the curriculum was found to lack ambition in some areas. Teachers are “not clear about what knowledge pupils need to take the next step in learning. This means that pupils’ learning is hindered.” Pupils are not always offered a rich enough variety of curriculum subjects and SEND pupils do not always get teh level of support that they need.

The Academy is also criticised for the rate of absenteeism. Added to which the inspectors noted that pupils were not as well behaved outside of lessons as when they were in them.

On a more positive note the inspectors say: “Pupils behave well in lessons. Typically, lessons are calm and orderly.” Which does at least provide for an environment conducive to learning.

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