Heappey declares his hand

James Heappey, MP for Wells is the last but one of the Somerset Conservative MPs to say who he’ll back in the leadership race.

He has just come out to pledge his support for Rishi Sunak.

That now just leaves Ian Liddell Grainger to say who he will be backing. Remember David Warburton (Somerton & Frome) sits as an Independent and so does not get a vote in the Conservative Party Ballot.


  • Mr Heappey clearly wants to keep his place in Government. Personally, I think Sunak has no sense of ethical behaviour as he clearly thought it was right to keep his green card and for his wife to avoid taxes by use of non-dom status whilst he was Chancellor of the Exchequer presiding over the nation’s finances and living presumably rent-free or nearly so in Downing Street. He allowed huge sums to be paid as fraudulent furlough payments, and has done nothing to stop London becoming one of the world’s centres of money laundering. His claim when a young man that he knew no working-class people demonstrates breath-taking arrogance and insensitivity though presumably his parents employed a number of people and he now employs a chauffeur, cleaners, cooks, nannies and maintenance people who are clearly not worth his acquaintance. Hoi polloi, having had years of austerity, are now faced with further taxation at a time of substantial rises in the cost of living. Why would MPs choose yet another useless Oxford-educated idiot?


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    P152:- “There was another threat which I thought I could remove. The UKIP Candidate in Wells normally got about 1,600 votes, and most of these would have otherwise have come to me. In a close election this could cost me my seat”.

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