Somerset MPs declare

Two Somerset MPs have declared their allegiance in the contest to choose the next Prime Minister.

Rebecca Pow has declared for Rishi Sunak. This is entirely consistent with the last leadership election. Then the MP for Taunton backed Mr Sunak over Liz Truss. However Rishi Sunak has not yet declared himself a candidate, although he appears to be the front runner.

Marcus Fysh, MP for Yeovil supported Liz Truss last time around. This time he is backing Penny Maudant. She is the only MP who has at the time of writing has declared herself a candidate.

Neither James Heappey nor Ian Liddell Grainger have yet to show their hands, but we’ll let you know if they do.

Current indications suggest Mr Sunak has around 85 supporters and needs 100 to go into the next round.


  • Fysh is a nonentity who only cares about himself so its strange he’s going for an obvious non runner.

  • OMG Fysh is alive, he has not been seen fpr so long we thought he ran away

  • As I believe Marcus Fysh achieved a post in Liz Truss’s government, maybe he thinks he’ll be lucky again with a woman😂

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