Road closure near Yeovil

The A359 at Marston Magna will be closed between Monday 24 October to Friday 4 November. The road is regularly used by traffic heading for Yeovil off the A303. The closure will be in force for 24 hours a day to all traffic. However this will be relaxed for the weekend in the middle of the two-week period.

Access will be maintained to households and businesses in the area and the team will work closely with those affected by the works. Deliveries and access will be accommodated by liaison with on-site operational staff. Every effort will be made to keep the duration of the works to a minimum. Pedestrian access will be maintained.

The closure is to enable flood prevention work along stretches of the road in Marston Magna. Cllr Mike Stanton, Chair of the Somerset Rivers Authority notes: “People living in Marston Magna have long been exasperated by the A359 flooding near the church.

Research funded by the SRA has helped get a much more detailed understanding of flooding problems. The works now being undertaken will use that research to, hopefully, fix the problem. The work will include:

  • repairs to the highway drainage system which helps remove surface water
  • repairs to a section of a retaining wall which provides protection from high water levels
  • de-silting of a section of the watercourse which will improve flow and capacity

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