Brief return for former Somerset leader

Yesterday there was a by election for Mendip District Council (MDC) ward of Butleigh and Baltonsborough. The successful candidate will barely get their feet under the desk before the council is abolished in April next year. But even so there has to be a by-election because the rules say there must be one.

The vacancy was caused by the death of Nigel Woollcombe-Adams. Mr Woollcombe-Adams was a long serving councillor (35 years is long serving in most people’s books). As well as being a former Deputy Leader of MDC, he was a Cabinet Member, and former Chair of the Planning Board.  He was also a former Somerset County Council member.

The by election saw former Somerset County Council Leader, Ken Maddock, retain the seat for the Conservatives. Mr Maddock resigned as Leader of the council in 2012 to stand in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections. He lost out to Independent candidate, Sue Mountstevens.

Mr Maddock now returns briefly to local government. He won the by election – but only just. Liberal Democrat Claire Sully, who is now the county councillor for the area lost out by just 4 votes.

The full result:

  • Ken Maddock, Conservative – 393 (ELECTED)
  • Claire Sully, Liberal Democrat – 389


  • This is ok interesting as the county,will become a Unitary Authority.
    In just five months,this is an opportunity for Parish Councils.
    There was an interesting interview with Justin Robinson chief executive of SALC.
    That was broadcast on
    Highlighting the role of Somerset Association of Local Councils
    Contact to ask for the interview

  • This is interesting
    As Mendip District Council will be abolished within five months
    There was an interesting interview with Justin Robinson SALC
    Following the conference for parish councils,to learn about the Unitary Authority
    I am sure the interview, could be repeated.
    If people contact

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