Chinnock Hollow meeting (again)

Chinnock Hollow has been closed since 21 February 2021 following a significant landslide. That involved 20 tonnes of rock and sand as well as a large tree descending on the road. The debris rolled down the side of the 12-metre wall of the hollow, burying part of the road below. This followed a less serious incident just a week before.

Immediately after the landslip an investigation was launched into the likely causes. Actions needed to secure the road and potential hazards were also investigated. This included an in-depth engineering report which in turn revealed the substantial risk of another landslide.

Two public meetings were held in which the county council was castigated for inaction. Local residents complained at the problems caused by the extended road closure.

Now there has been a change of power at County Hall. Some of the most prominent critics of the council’s inaction, are now actually part of the administration.

So local people may be interest in a meeting called for 12 October. It will be held at 7.00pm at in East Chinnock at Cott Farm Barn. The purpose of the meeting is:

  • to give the Highways Team a chance to bring local people up to speed
  • and allow local people the chance to ask questions and share their views


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