Green light for Glastonbury Projects

Central Government has approved all eleven of the Glastonbury Town Deal projects put forward. The town bid for £23.6m of funding and earlier this year submitted detailed business cases for each project. Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE, Chair of the Glastonbury Town Deal Board, was delighted. She said: “This is a significant and very exciting moment for the whole town. We now know that we will definitely receive £23.6million from the Government to deliver all eleven Glastonbury Town Deal projects. Every penny we bid for has been granted!”

Now the hard work really begins to deliver the projects for the town. The next steps for the Board, project teams and support teams will be to complete surveys and other assessments for each project. Where necessary planning applications will be submitted. Preliminary works could begin in early 2023, subject to permission being granted, with all projects needing to be completed by the end of March 2026.

The confirmed Glastonbury Town Deal projects are as follows:

  • Regeneration of the historic Baily’s Buildings

Repurposing two historic buildings into a sustainable hub for local start-up, small and growing businesses and to deliver employment opportunities. The complex will also house a small, dedicated museum celebrating the town’s industrial heritage and be used by educational groups and the community.

  • Establishment of the Glastonbury Enterprise and Innovation Hub

Re-developing Beckery House into a dedicated centre for the town’s vibrant business community. The aim is to help meet demand for affordable flexible managed workspaces and provide support for grow-on businesses, particularly the food and manufacturing sectors.

  • Regeneration of Building C to establish The Life Factory

Regenerating an iconic building to create a vibrant, shared community resource for all – but particularly young people. It will be an inspiring place to make, create and grow as a community with zones for skills development, arts & craft makers and activities, youth, media, broadcasting and hospitality.

  • Glastonbury Clean Energy

Investing in renewable energy generation and low carbon transport infrastructure. This project will be delivered in collaboration with Beckery Village businesses, community organisations and landowners.

  • The Robert Richards Initiative

Named after and dedicated to the first Chair of the Glastonbury Town Deal Board, the Robert Richards Initiative is focused on sustainability, bringing together the recurring Town Deal themes of education and training, green infrastructure and wellbeing. Key elements include an innovative website and learning platform; additional sustainability solutions for three buildings set to be refurbished through the Glastonbury Town Deal; and enhanced green infrastructure within the town.

  • St Brigid’s Chapel and Field

Creating a gateway to the understanding of the Pagan and Christian histories of the town. This new, year-round, educational visitor destination, will protect, interpret and make accessible the rich heritage and natural environment of some 33 acres.

  • Glastonbury Food and Regenerative Farming Centre

A community-led, educational research centre to demonstrate natural methods for growing food, land management and to promote a holistic approach to wellbeing for land, human and animal symbiosis. It will be a place for all age groups to grow together, whilst skill sharing, immersed in nature.

  • An Enabling Project

In order to renovate the buildings within the Beckery Village, there are enabling works that are crucial for the whole regeneration of Glastonbury. The purpose of this project is to sustainably improve the situation for the non-bricks and mortar communities.

  • St Dunstan’s House Community Health and Wellbeing Centre

The new health and wellbeing centre will be created in St Dunstan’s House next to the Town Hall. It will provide Covid-safe spaces for the community where people and groups can take part in activities and gatherings, access health services, and seek business and employment advice.

  • Glastonbury Abbey Piazza

This project will enhance the visitor approach and welcome to the Abbey. It includes upgraded facilities, retail and reception areas. The creation of a new public space for the town will improve connectivity with the town centre, benefitting the local economy.

  • Glastonbury Community Sports and Leisure Hub

Revitalising a tired facility into a modern multi-use sports and leisure hub in the heart of the town. The aim is to meet the needs and expectations of users by offering opportunities for sports, training, education, health & wellbeing support, and a place for people of all ages to meet and socialise.

One comment

  • What a waste of tax payers money – self indulgent nonsense that clearly originated from a Alternative and Green fantasy world (if you look behind the spin from Lynn); this money could have brought realistic business opportunities and economic prosperity to Glastonbury, enhanced its appeal to a wider range of domestic and international tourists, and put in place real infrastructure improvements (such as a properly revamped leisure centre).

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