And finally…Fysh

Most MPs who enter the House of Commons in the train of the majority party, hope for promotion. And having been elected MP for Yeovil in 3 successive General Elections, Marcus Fysh has served for 7 years as an MP. Yet still he was overlooked for a ministerial post. Not even a junior one.

Even in the latter stages of the disintegration of Johnson’s government, Marcus Fysh was not considered for a ministry. Despite the fact that there were more vacancies than MPs left supporting Johnson, still Mr Fysh did not get the call. However when the Conservative leadership contest looked to find a replacement, Fysh made a smart move. Following his Parliamentary mentor, Jacob Rees-Mogg, he backed Liz Truss for Prime Minister.

That move has finally paid dividends. Marcus Fysh has finally been considered for promotion. Today it was announced that he would be Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Trade. And Marcus Fysh has some relevant experience having done business with several overseas countries.


  • He’s crap he does nothing for any of his constituents, just for himself. I’d rather have David Wells back with us. Fysh’s rude to us but grovelling to the powers that be.

  • Good to know, in this government of the best talents, that room has been found for the most lacklustre of mps, what confidence we must draw from this stunning promotion. Just think of all the good he will finally be able to do, in return for his excessive salary and expenses……

  • Marcus Fysh is a lazy ne’er do well who only makes an effort if there’s personal profit for himself. Even Boris wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole and he’s only made it because Truss is filling her cabinet with supporters and chums, rather than competent politicians (and that last phrase only just squeaks past the oxymoron test). We can only hope the Yeovil electorate votes for someone (anyone) else at the next election.

  • “Marcus Fysh has some relevant experience having done business with several oversees countries” So have I; where do I apply or do I need the patronage of Jacob Rees Mogg instead?.

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  • That did not last long, did it!

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