Frome extension revisited

Plans to build a “garden village” on agricultural land on the edge of Frome have been resubmitted.

The proposed Selwood Garden Village will fill in the fields between Sainsbury’s and the ring road round the southern edge of the town. The original plans proved unpopular with residents, many pointing out that there were brown field sites still undeveloped in the town. There is also concern that prime agricultural land will be taken out of production. And just as food prices are rocketing because of food shortages caused by the war in Ukraine.

Plans for an associated solar farm on neighbouring fields were rejected in April by Mendip District Council. However National Highways also put a holding objection in based on the traffic impacts on the surrounding roads. So on the 5 August “revisions & further information in respect of the Environmental Statement” were submitted by the developers. The plans no longer include the solar farm.

What else has changed? Not much. The revised plans are voluminous, so if you want to read, give yourself plenty of time! The headline items are here.

  • All the land will still be taken out of agricultural production.
  • No houses will now be built south of the A361 (the ring road).
  • Green corridors throughout the development will now be wider.
  • The proposed development area has been pulled away from the site’s north-eastern boundary to allow for more planting.
  • Overall this means less land will be available for housing, but there are still plans for 1,700 homes. So each home will occupy less land.
  • There’ll be no link for cars onto Little Keyford Lane.

This means the clock starts ticking again for comments about the revised applications. Anyone who wishes to make a comment must do so before 30 September. To date 250 objections have been lodged with just one supporting the plans. And in fact on closer inspection, the supporter was writing in support of Saxonvale not Selwood garden Village!

If you’d like to add your views, you can do so by going to

One comment

  • “All the land will still be taken out of agricultural production”.

    “Olde men & women have memories”! One of the most ‘succinct’ prognosis on ‘local-governance’ a ‘letter’ in August ‘publication’ the LEVELLER, in a ‘decennial’ Somerset’s ‘largest circulation newspaper, from Peter Macfadyen. ‘I am delighted that virtually none of the current councillors were elected, because it means they clearly have no mandate to represent. There are ‘innumerable’ other groups in Frome who make things happen & while the council can ensure is enabled in all kinds of ways, they are no longer there to dictate to the people, but to play a crucial role catalysing and supporting’.

    This the ‘mantra’ across the former ‘truncated’ Shire County! Returning to the ‘beginning’ having ‘served’ those early ‘quadrennials’ of Mendip District Council, the ‘lamented-authority’ was at the ‘cutting-edge’ on the ‘redevelopment’ of TRINITY, under the ‘auspices’ of Councillor Elizabeth Athill, the ‘extraordinaire’ Director of Planning, Ray Bush, Director of Housing Anthony Cox, under the ‘vigilance’ of Frome Local Plan Sub Committee, no mean ‘puppeteers’ there!

    We’re all GREENS ‘nowadays’ a ‘latent-recognition’ this ‘generations-legacy’ on Climate-Change, this former Shire County, resonating in ‘agriculture’ at its ‘heart’ witness The Royal Bath & West Festival.*

    Less we forget the Tower Hamlets ‘imbroglio’ the re-emergence of the former S of S Communities/Housing & Local Governance, Robert Jenrick MP.

    *Our Cannington Campus offers unrivalled opportunities to get hands-on with the worlds of agriculture, animal care and horticulture. Our facilities include a 200-hectare farm, a cutting-edge Agricultural Innovation Centre and beautiful living accommodation.

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