3 Taunton teens handed injunction

Two 14-year-old and one 15-year-old boy appeared in Taunton Magistrates Court yesterday (Tuesday 6 September). They have been handed civil injunctions in a bid to reduce youth crime in Taunton. They will remain in place for the next year. The injunctions were sought by Avon & Somerset Police after consultation with partner agencies.

The request followed several anti-social behaviour incidents taking place in Taunton. These included the theft of electric scooters, violence, and public order offences. Police investigations continue into a number of these incidents are ongoing. The injunctions handed down in court do not preclude prosecution or any other criminal justice outcomes.

The boys, who have not been named for legal reasons, must abide by the following conditions:

  1. They are not allowed to be in the company of eight named young people in a public place, unless at school, college or in programmes arranged by approved professionals.
  2. They are not permitted to be in a group of more than five other people, under 18 years old, without a parent or guardian over the age of 18 present.
  3. They cannot ride, operate or be a passenger on any form of electric scooter or bike in a public place.
  4. No shouting, swearing, or spitting at other people
  5. No intimidating or threatening to hurt other people

If the young people breach these conditions, they can be arrested. Two of the teenagers have also been issued with a curfew which will be monitored by a tag for the next six weeks.

One comment

  • I can understand clauses 1-3 being made into injunctions as generally they are legal behaviours. Why do the Police need to specify points 4-5 though? Surely if anyone is caught intimidating, threatening and particularly spitting at people they can be arrested on the spot for public order offences?

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