Langport – Taunton road closure

Somerset County Council’s Highways Team will begin work in August on a section of the A378. The road which runs from just outside Taunton to Langport, has a series of surface fractures. SCC is concerned that this will allow water to flow through the sub structure to create cracking and ground movements.

The stretch of the A378 that is to close starts from about 100 metres west of Greenshutters nursery in Fivehead. The section to close will then run along the A378 until just to the east of Rock Hill. This is at the eastern edge of Wrantage. Please note that Rock Hill itself will also close as it is too often used as an unofficial diversion. SCC says the closure here is to help residents as the road is not designed for heavy quantities of traffic.

Preparation works are due to take place between 8 and 12 August 2022. There will be no road closures at this point, but traffic will be controlled with traffic signals. Expect delays!

The resurfacing work proper will be carried out from 15 to 26 August 2022, under a full road closure. This will be in place between the 7.30am and 6pm.

SCC tell us that day closure has been chosen for safety of the workforce. It also means more work can be done with longer daylight hours. We have also been told that the timing of the work is to ensure there is no clash with National Highways current work on the A303.

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