MP readmitted to hospital

We understand that the MP for Somerton & Frome, David Warburton, has been readmitted to hospital. In a statement we were told “Following a sharp decline in his mental health, David has today been readmitted to a psychiatric hospital for urgent treatment. David’s office continues to function as normal.”

There is no further information at this stage.


  • How on earth can his office carry on “as normal “ if he CV isn’t even there???? Time to resign and let us have a functioning representative!!!

  • Office continues to function as normal, as in not at all 🙄

  • Given the appalling cuts mental health services have faced from the Party this man represents he is very fortunate to have been found an acute bed . Not the same story for many of his constituents.

  • The comments on this show such a typical lack of empathy this party so often possesses. Oh, the irony.

    • Really sorry for anyone that has mental health issues. However, does this mean the investigation into DW is suspended? As constituents we need to know. As constituents we need a fully functioning MP not just a functioning office

  • I thought that there was supposed to be an investigation. Just how long will that take?

  • Time for nim to go and i don’t mean Boris

  • His office is not running as normal. Emails are going in answered. I’m really sorry to hear his situation as a person with an understanding of mh, but his constituents need to be answered, surely their must be a stand in!

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