Yeovil refresh underway again

After losing time and money over the failure of contractor Midas, work is starting again on Yeovil Refresh. The project run by South Somerset District Council (SSDC) will initially focus on the Triangle. Having failed to control costs on the Chard regeneration, SSDC are being more cautious with Yeovil. A new budget assessment went to the Executive committee last week. This led to a decision to carry on with the same budget but leaving out planned work for Wyndham Street.

The plans for The Triangle in Yeovil Town Centre include:

  • Raised stage area with amphitheatre seating – an area for individuals to socialise, take a break from shopping and watch/take part in a range of entertainment.

  • Big screen – as requested by the public as part of the original consultation, a large screen is set to be installed to display promotions and key events.

  • Focal water feature

  • Natural stone paving and ornamental planting

  • Planting of new trees

  • Installation of an art feature co-created with community groups during the Covid-19 lockdowns
That is the deliverables. In the meantime expect disruption in the town centre. Wessex Water are excavating the site. This is to divert the water main in this area and allow for the next stage of works to take place. All the current street furniture will be removed to enable this work to occur. Once Wessex Water have completed the excavation, there will be further works needed by all utilities. This will involve diverting the gas mains, sewers, electricity supplies and telephone lines.  South West Highways (SWH), the lead contractor, will then begin the main areas of work to The Triangle.

Hopefully the end product will be worth waiting for. But there will be a lot of upheaval to put up with in the meantime. The one thing SSDC did not discuss in their press release on the subject, was how long the work would take. Nor is there any commitment to a delivery date. for the final Yeovil Refresh scheme.

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