Taunton Centre owner in liquidation

Rutherford Health plc announced yesterday that it was to appoint the Official Receiver as liquidator. Staff at the Group’s centres were informed today and arrangements are being made to transfer patients to alternative facilities.

Established in 2015 Rutherford provides a network of oncology centres known as the Rutherford Cancer Centres. Subsequently the Group opened the first community diagnostics centre of its kind in England, located in Taunton. It was a flagship project, set up in the abandoned regional fire headquarters. The Prime Minister visited the centre when he came to Taunton earlier this year.

The group told staff yesterday. Patients will be informed, the group said. NHS patients of the Taunton centre “are being returned to their local NHS Trust to finish their treatment.”

In a statement posted on their website Sean Sullivan, Chief Restructuring Officer and Interim CEO, noted: “Rutherford Health has been committed to providing high quality care. The past couple of years has proven to be an extremely challenging time for the business. Covid has been particularly damaging for us as fewer patients were presenting with side effects during the lockdowns. As a result cancer diagnosis has been delayed and sadly, in many cases, missed. This has meant fewer cancer patients have been presenting to our centres.”

But is this the whole story. The Leveller® has been investigating and will bring you more in due course.

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