Statement from David Warburton

We have received a statement this evening from David Warburton, the MP for Somerton & Frome. Mr Warburton remains in hospital. The statement below is verbatim as we received it:

“As I am sure you can appreciate, this has been a very difficult and trying time for myself and my family with an inflammatory story run in the press on a national scale. I would take this opportunity to express my deep sadness to any constituents who feel let down or disillusioned by the allegations. This is made all the harder by the fact that I have been unable to respond myself through a formal investigation. As it happens and since the stories appeared a month ago, I have still not been contacted by any authority and am currently unaware as to whether any investigation has, in fact, been established.

As a result of the widespread allegations I was admitted to hospital and remain under treatment, and I am sorry that this has caused uncertainty about the representation of our constituency. I would like to pass on my reassurance that I have been in continual contact with my parliamentary and constituency offices. I have been responding to enquiries, working on casework, writing and speaking to Ministers and departments and putting questions to them on behalf of constituents, all as normal. I look forward to be able to return fully to Parliament when it reconvenes. 

I would like to pass on my most sincere gratitude to the many, many people from across our constituency for the innumerable cards, letters, emails and messages of support that my family and I have received.  I am also extremely grateful to the great number of MPs from both sides of the House for their support. The kindness and support I have seen during this most difficult time only serves to remind me what an enormous privilege it is to serve such a beautiful constituency filled with wonderful people.


  • So are you saying that the accusations against you are completely without foundation?

  • Howard Fletcher

    Makes a change to here anything from you, but I suppose you’re doing it to get the excuse for your appalling behaviour. When I emailed your office asking for advice, apart from the regular email saying your office had received it, never heard a thing.

  • Of course he is! David has maintained his innocence throughout and I, for one, believe him!

  • Sean Dromgoole

    Have you no shame at all? You check yourself into a clinic, supposedly because of the extreme stress of being caught, and then blame authorities for not pursuing you when you yourself are claiming to be too vulnerable. Which is it? Too sick to be scrutinised, or well enough to work? From this distance it all feels like desperate nonsense just to keep yourself on the payroll. Somerset wants you to resign

    • Since when did you speak for somerset

      • Leonard N Hampson

        And that’s why the voters in Taunton got rid of you. If you can’t see the rot that is destroying the Conservative Party you don’t deserve to be elected.

  • If you were in hospital why were you working as normal. Seems a little strange.

  • Please will someone put the dateline up for the events here, because my reciliation of events was that everything was hunky dory until the article appeared, then within 14 days he’d somehow managed to get a bed in a psychiatric ward, when other people have had to have been under extreme mental pressure for months and months before getting that treatment.
    And back to the events, please do the honourable thing and decide for everyone within Somerset to quit. Without doubt the reason the Lib Dems stormed to so many seats (locally) would have been the result of your actions.

  • It’s always a struggle to follow David Warburton’s ramblings but I do think he’s making a case for him being the victim in all of this. Someone needs to have a serious word with him.

  • But Tory Whips apparently “defrocked” you. Tory Mail online published 16 articles (April 3rd?) all about doing you down plus Russian loan (not appropriately declared?) sudden loss of weight more in line with allegations and picture of (what could be) cocaine use or possibly baking powder and the Daddy of them all, 3 ladies apparently making certain allegations, of a sexual nature – of which even if just one of those was related to someone of significance from the Parliamentary estate you need to rapidly start your explaining – as the tractor MP case looks mild against your scenario. Sir. Start digging as it’s a cruel world and Somerset MPs need to get their acts together after the tsunami that was the May 2022 elections in Somerset.
    I can’t see a “a get out of jail card” for you from this end of the telescope.
    PS what else did we miss? Apparently odd planning meetings, without local ward councillor, that could be on behalf of a mate – it does not look good. On the other hand some constituents speak highly of you.

  • Peter Attwell

    We have had many Bad Conservative M.P.’s for the Area – Even as far back as John Peyton. (Transport Minister).

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