Sedgemoor Leader loses out

Another shock result just in is that the LibDems have taken both seats in King Alfred Division. The surprise being that Sedgemoor District Council leader Duncan McGinty was standing for the Conservatives. Also on the Conservative ticket was Conservative Cabinet Member David Huxtable. Matthew Martin and Harry Munt won both seats for the Libdems.

No such shocks in Burnham and Higbridge where John Woodman and Alistair Hendry took both seats for the Conservatives. This is usually a safe Conservative area, but today there are precious few areas left that meet that description.

Over in Frome North, the presence of the Independents for Frome for the first time meant a large number of candidates and a spread of votes. Green County Councillor John Clarke lost out with the two seats going to Adam Boyden for the LibDems and Dawn Denton for the Conservatives.

If that was disappointing for the Greens, results from Frome East made up for it. Both Green candidates, Helen Kay and William Collins were elected. And there was more good news for the Greens in Frome West. Here Green County Councillor Martin Dimery and Michael Dunk won both seats for the party.

In Monkton and North Curry early rumours were that Conservative County Council Leader David Fothergill might be struggling. This turned out to be entirely misguided. Cllr Fothergill was placed first in the seat with fellow Conservative Norman Cavill second.

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