(Not quite) final results for Somerset

Good afternoon from the Westlands Ballroom in Yeovil

We are ending are regular updates on the Somerset Unitary election with just two councillors still to be decided. It has been a good day for the LibDems and a pretty torrid one for Conservatives. The Green Party have had some success too, picking up 5 seats in the Unitary Council. For Labour, it was a mixed bag. A good showing in Bridgwater and a solitary seat in Wellington. But generally voters have opted for the Libdems to show their displeasure with the government in Whitehall. And of course the man leading it.

The result with 2 councillors to decide are as follows:

  • 61 LibDems
  • 35 Conservative
  • 5 Green
  • 5 Labour
  • 2 Independent

One comment

  • The new controlling party,of the New Unitary Authority for Somerset.
    Must give parish councils a vote,as part of the LCNs

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