Vote for Somerset buses

There’s just a couple of days left until the local elections in Somerset. The election on Thursday 5 May is a chance to get local politicians to say what they’ll do about our bus service. Somerset Bus Partnership is urging residents to quiz candidates on the issue. Here in Somerset we have some of the worst figures for bus usage in the country.

And it is not likely to get better any time soon. Last October, Somerset County Council, whilst saying the County would not increase its own funding of buses, submitted a bid to the Department for Transport asking for £163 millions of Government funding. The Government has now said Somerset is only going to receive 7% of what Somerset had wanted.

It leaves the county with a major problem. Declaring a climate emergency was easy. Doing something about it much harder. The challenge in a rural county, to get people out of their cars, is a tricky one. Especially without decent regular bus services and co-ordinated links to other transport services (trains, planes etc).

The Somerset Bus Partnership is pushing a plan for the future of buses. That includes meaningful funding, promoting and improving services, an integrated network and affordable services. You can read it/download it below.

The problem is unlikely to be getting politicians to agree to the plan before the election. It is getting them to deliver on their promises afterwards.

There will be a full article on the state of our buses in the May edition of The Leveller®.


  • Susannah Clemence

    Yes, I definitely endorse this manifesto 100%

  • I do drive but I prefer to get the bus into Taunton, no parking payment or hassle, plus I’m eligible for a bus pass, so unless you are doing a big supermarket shop it’s great. I get the 54 from Curry Rivel. Sometimes it’s a bit late but I know there are road work traffic lights currently causing this.

  • Peter Chapman

    Candidates in a lot of Yeovil don’t appear interested in getting anyones vote, only had a minimilist leaflet from one party and nothing from any one else. Finding anything on the web is not easy. We at least have a parish election unlike most!

  • Empty buses belching out diesel fumes, not a good look.

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