Police investigation at South Somerset ends

The official Police investigation into the corrupt behaviour of officers at South Somerset District Council (SSDC) has ended. In a statement to The Leveller® today Avon & Somerset Police confirmed:

  • they have reviewed information provided by SSDC
  • the information was from a disciplinary investigation which identified possible criminal offences involving council staff
  • this information included material and statements obtained in an independent disciplinary investigation 

Officers have confirmed to The Leveller® that the evidence did not meet the evidential threshold for charging a criminal offence. That is not the same as saying there was no wrongdoing involved, simply that it was not extreme enough to be considered criminal. Nor does the Police investigation negate the conclusions of SSDC’s own report into corrupt practices by certain council officers.

The Police statement concluded “In view of the number of individuals interviewed in the course of the disciplinary investigation, officers have not identified any proportionate and reasonable lines of further enquiry which would provide additional evidence in order to reach this threshold (ie for a criminal conviction). The matter has been filed. However if anyone comes forward with new information which was not submitted to the independent investigation it will be assessed and the enquiry could be reopened.

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